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Driving license exams in Corona times: it's slowly starting again

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W ochenlang were in In Germany, neither theory nor practice tests for the driver's license are not possible - in Baden-Württemberg this should last until June 15, 2020. Now the TÜV association VdTÜV as well as the Dekra and the federal association for driving instructors associations and the interest group 'Moving' have agreed on guidelines for the tests.

'We have to create a safe framework for the test situations to avoid the risk of infection to minimize for everyone involved, 'said Marc-Philipp Waschke, traffic safety expert at the TÜV Association (VdTÜV). 'With this we are creating the conditions to be able to resume driving license testing nationwide.' The technical test centers all over Germany could orientate themselves on the corner points. They include guidelines on hygiene and distance regulations for both the theoretical and practical driving test. With a view to country-specific regulations, the regional technical test centers also formulate specific detailed regulations.

Here are the regulations in detail:

  • Test items showing signs of a respiratory disease , are not admitted to the test.
  • If authorities prescribe necessary personal protective measures (e.g. wearing protective masks), each applicant is responsible for compliance; in the event of non-compliance, there will be no examination. We generally recommend wearing mouth and nose protection (MNS) or mouth and nose covering (MNB).
  • The necessary protective measures must also be observed urgently in the access and waiting areas of the test rooms. The driving instructor is not required to accompany the applicant.
  • In addition, further organizational measures can be taken, in particular to comply with distance rules, e.g. For example: Adaptation of the inspector's workstations in the inspection facility, marking of walking routes, reduction of capacities in the inspection rooms, planning of preparation times for ventilation /disinfection - the corresponding instructions /markings must be observed
  • The necessary protective measures in the waiting areas of the departure locations must be observed urgently - the driving schools are requested to inform the applicants accordingly; Accompanying the applicants in the waiting area is to be avoided.
  • The clarification of the test requirements, the identity check, the driving preparation, the instruction and the feedback interview should be outside of the test vehicleThe necessary distance rules are observed.
  • The test drive only begins at suitable locations (e.g. availability of sanitary facilities). Test centers are preferred as departure /change points.
  • The test drive is carried out using MNB or MNS of all persons in the vehicle. In the event of non-compliance, there will be no examination. Every participant is responsible for compliance with the necessary personal protective measures.
  • More than ever, we ask the driving schools to ensure the hygiene in the test vehicles:
    - Observe the basic recommendations of the RKI
    - Sufficient ventilation of the vehicle between test drives, any necessary cleaning or disinfection measures
    - Sufficient ventilation in the test vehicle during the test drive
    -When accompanying two-wheeler tests, the aaSoP (officially recognized expert or examiner ) always sit 'back right'.
    - Only the necessary people take part in the test drive.


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