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“Driving American Jobs”: coalition against Trump's NAFTA plans

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'We win with NAFTA'

US President Trump had already threatened before his election to terminate the agreements between the USA, Mexico and Canada that had existed for 23 years it would put the American auto industry at a disadvantage. 'Either a new agreement will be concluded in this regard, which will be fair to the US, or it will be dissolved,' Trump told Fox News on October 22, 2017. One of the aims of the latest round of negotiations was to change the rule of origin of vehicles, which determines how many cars can be manufactured at a production site. Mexico and Canada rejected this change, but want to continue to participate in the negotiations.

The auto coalition, which also includes supplier and dealer associations, stated that without NAFTA the annual trade between the three Countries with a volume of 1.2 trillion US dollars is at risk. They also relate to the new investments in the auto sector in 2017 amounting to 9.5 billion US dollars. The official Driving American Jobs website also states, “We have to tell elected politicians that you cannot change the game in the middle of a comeback. We win with NAFTA ”. Currently, 62.5 percent of vehicle parts for cars or trucks must come from the USA or be duty-free. The Trump administration wants to increase the quota to 80 percent, among other things.


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