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Drive 2 the elements: With skill and speed to the new Vitara

Patrick Lang
Suzuki Drive 2 the elements
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Four teams, four challenges and a brand new Suzuki Vitara as the main prize. a uto motor und sport , AUTOStraßenverkehr and Suzuki have four daring readers, each with a companion, for the ultimate adventure under the motto 'drive 2 the elements' -Weekend invited. From August 21 to 23, the elements of fire, water, air and earth must be conquered in an outdoor and fitness test as well as an on- and off-road driving test. The team that masters the four tasks best and emerges as the winner will win a new Suzuki Vitara worth around 28,000 euros.

Our participants can experience the advantages of the new compact SUV directly on the adventure weekend from Experience August 21-23. They drive from one challenge to the next with the car. All actions take place in different places in Germany and we stay on the ball live. The starting gun is given at a wind turbine in Westerholt. Here the element of air is challenged - and one thing above all is needed for this: perseverance.

295 steps up and down again

After the participants had gathered under a roaring wind turbine, the first task was announced. Climb up the spiral staircase to the observation deck of the wind turbine and then back to the solid ground. The time required for the 65 meter ascent (and descent) is stopped. 295 steps lead up in a circle and challenge not only the leg muscles but also concentration. In the sweat of their brow, all participants conquered the element of air in the end. In the meantime, the entire team has swung into the Vitaras provided and gathered again at the Nürburgring. There are two challenges to be completed there tomorrow. Earth and fire. Until then, there is still some time to regenerate. The results of the challenges will only be announced to the participants at the end of all tasks.

Wacky Swift Sport with motorcycle engine

Hot and dirty - that's how it goes on the second day of the Suzuki Drive 2 the elements challenge. There are two elements on the program: fire and earth. At the Mendig airfield, not only an alert mind but also a strong stomach were required, because the opponents were allowed to drive a Suzuki alongside rally driver Niki SchelleSwift Sport Hayabusa take a seat. Yes, you guessed it correctly: this car contains the engine of the motorcycle of the same name. Bred to 330 hp thanks to turbo. So it was in a banked position over the asphalt. The task: recognize letters and numbers on the pylons as you whiz past, memorize them and then reproduce them in the correct order.

The challenge for the element earth was completed on the off-road course of the Nürburgring. Here, the participants were allowed to drive a Jimny themselves, under the guidance of Suzuki driving trainer Jan Enderle. Over hill and dale it was necessary to drive an impassable route without knocking over the pylons. In a second round, to increase the level of difficulty, two magnetic bowls, each with a tennis ball in them, were attached to the bonnet. You already guessed it - the balls should ideally stay in the bowls. In case of loss, the passenger was asked, who had to put the lost felt back into the bowl as quickly as possible. Always accompanied by the incorruptible stopwatch.

At the end of the challenges, there was one thing above all: smiling faces. The last stop of the day takes the entire entourage to Hesse. There you can camp in comfort before the last task is on the program tomorrow: The element of water and the final determination of the winning team.

The conquerors of the elements

During a cozy dinner in the open air, wild speculations were already made about the last challenge. Do you need a neoprene suit? Can it be a divers job? Or maybe a vehicle is used to curve across the water?

The latter assumption was quite close to the truth. Under the 30 degree warm sun of Hesse, each team had to build a raft so that a buoy could circumnavigate a lake and return safely to land. For a while, of course. The ingredients: some round wood, some boards, four plastic barrels and a roll of nylon rope. After various repairs, four magnificent rafts stood on the bank about an hour later and all participants were holding a paddle in their hands expectantly. At the start, there were some construction flaws on the boats, but in the end they all mastered the task.

In the end, however, there can only be one conqueror of the elements. Just one winner of the new Suzuki Vitara. And after all the challenges and a really close result, it was Dominic and his teammate Victor. At the IAA, the somewhat perplexed new car owner can officially receive his vehicle. On behalf of all partners involved, we would like to congratulate them warmly. But the other teams can also be congratulated on a strong performance and a great weekend.


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