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Drift Challenge 2018: Denise Ritzmann, the drift queen

Marcel Sommer
Drift Challenge 2018
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U nd Karoline-Chantal is more precisely a BMW E30 from the 1989, with an M3 supercharged engine from an E36, known to experts as the S50B30. The special thing about the woman-car combination: You share the year of manufacture. The sporty, likeable Drift Challenge participant didn't just come to the Hockenheimring for fun, of course. “It's always nice to meet colleagues and exchange ideas,” enthuses the 29-year-old. Up until a few years ago, the European Champion of the International Drift Series Pro and also the “Wetten, dass ..?” Participant from March 23, 2013 was one of them - her brother Patrick

435 hp and weighing 1,070 kg

Marcel Sommer
Drifts are initiated at almost 200 km /h.

Denise Ritzmann has been with international drift for nine years -Race at the start and belongs to the top 16 in Germany. No, not just among women - overall. For women, she always dominates the field of participants with her 435 hp and 466 Nm strong Munich. Performance data that at first glance seem very humane these days. But in combination with the curb weight of 1,070 kilograms, everyone can imagine how the rear wheels can propel everything around them forward. At almost 200 kilometers per hour, the drifts were initiated on the day of training. Speeds at which one or the other even driving straight ahead causes anxiety.

You need eggs for that

'Somebody once said to me on a race weekend: You need a pair for this corner there Eggs to take so quickly, 'reveals Denise Ritzmann seriously and continues with a smile on her face:' This sentence kept me busy until the next morning. Because where should I, as a woman, get a pair of eggs so quickly?get here? That's when I noticed the breakfast eggs. So, I took two of them into the car, mounted them on the center console and off we went on the wild ride. The two eggs have been with me for four years now. “It should be clear that the real eggs were replaced by fakes after just a few days.

60 euros per tire - 20 euros per weekend

Rossen Gargolov
Denise Ritzmann is one of the best drifters in Germany.

Denise would not be the best Drifter in Germany, if she didn't regularly test other tires for herself. So it was the turn of semislicks at this year's training. “It can be awesome. But it can just as easily end in a fiasco, ”grins the pretty redhead, puts on her helmet, slides into the cockpit and thunders off. 'I just hope she handles the rubbers gently ... they cost 60 euros each,' her mechanic whispers at the end. With just under 20 tires this weekend, that's a nice sum of money.

You can find out how Denise Ritzmann did at the High Performance Days 2018 and who won the title in the end here .


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