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Dodge Viper - the production of the super sports car ends: the end of a US sports car icon

Dodge Viper - production of the super sports car ends
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D he is the golden viper of the two Texans Dodge boss Ralph Gilles emphasized the most elaborately factory-customized Dodge Viper of all time when it was handed over to Rauh. It is also the last current Dodge Viper to roll off the production line. It is uncertain whether a new viper will ever follow.

The crowd of the viper community on this occasion was correspondingly large. Over 400 Dodge Viper owners gathered with their cars in front of the factory gates in Detroit to celebrate with Rauh, himself a member of the Dodge Viper Club of America.

Rauh largely owns the new gem in their Viper collection designed. The Dodge design team helped implement their ideas. The Viper is wrapped in a lacquer dress made of gold and bronze. The interior is presented as a patchwork of various leather colors. One can argue about taste, but the implementation is beyond any doubt. Bob Soroka from the Dodge SRT team refined the longitudinal copper stripe over the entire body with filigree airbrush designs from various racetracks. Even the forged five-spoke light alloy wheels are covered in special paint. For D'Ann Rauh, this is the end of the Viper story, a story that began in 1989 with a spectacular concept car.

Designed as an uncompromising driving machine

The Viper should not be less as a brute driving machine for two people. Accordingly, the developers went to work without compromise. The mighty appearance of the original Viper at the Detroit Motor Show in 1989 was dominated by daring body swings and powerful side skirts. The eight-liter V10 engine, derived from a truck unit, also opened up new dimensions. The engine block and cylinder heads were made of aluminum for operation in the Viper. The then subsidiary Lamborghini contributed the corresponding know-how. The V10 provided around 400 hp and 660 Nm. As huge as the whole viper. The audience was enthusiastic and in December 1991 production of the Viper RT /10 started. From 1995 the GTS supplemented the Viper series as a coupé. The V10 has grown to up to 456 hp over the years.

New Viper should come in 2012

In 2003, the second generation of the Dodge Viper started. Developed by Dodge SRT, it was visually much lighter, with an almost Italian design. The V10 increased to 8.3 liters and 506 hp, followed by an 8.4 laterLiter variant with 600 hp, which should put the now stronger Corvette in its place. A convertible and a coupe were again offered. After the special model by D'Ann Rauh, the Viper will take an indefinite break. But the snake fans can hope for a new edition. Chrysler's business plan for 2012 includes a new supercar. And since Fiat has its fingers in the business at Chrysler, euphoric fans are already seeing a technology transfer from Ferrari to Dodge.


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