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Dodge Viper Comeback: New Viper not a Ferrari clone?

Dodge Viper Comeback
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D emnach, Gilles rejects all fans after the Chrysler Dreamed of taking over Fiat from a Viper with Ferrari technology and Alfa platform. According to Gilles, the new Viper does not build on any existing platform, even if it has some similarities with the Alfa Romeo 8C, for example.

New model comes with ESP

The design alone with the long bonnet and the driver's cab set far back make the new model unique. And under the bonnet, instead of a Ferrari unit, a new ten-cylinder with 640 hp should do its job. Ralph Gilles would like to skim off Fiat's know-how in terms of driving dynamics, the super sports car should become a vehicle that forgives driving errors and is therefore accessible to a larger group of buyers. “We never had an ESP in one of our super sports cars, that will change in the new car,” says Gilles.

The last real Viper went to Texan collectors

Whether or not they will deal with these innovations befriended viper community is uncertain. Just as uncertain whether the plans of the chronically sluggish car manufacturer can actually be implemented by 2012.

In the summer of 2010, the last “real” Dodge Viper rolled off the production line in Detroit. The collectors Wayne and Rauh D'Ann from Texas received their specially made and gold Viper for their collection of over 40 models.


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