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Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: photos, launch, prices

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
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8 52 hp, 1,044 Nm, 2.3 seconds to 60 mph, front wheels that lift off during a sprint and acceleration forces of up to 1.8 g - the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, which has now been presented at the New York Auto Show, permanently shifts the balance of power in muscle cars. The Demon label first appeared in the Dodge model range in 1971.

But one after the other. For the Demon, Dodge has extensively revised the well-known 6.2-liter supercharged V8. Among other things, the compressor increased in volume from 2.4 to 2.7 liters, the boost pressure was increased accordingly, pistons, connecting rods and valves are new, and the speed limit of the V8 was increased from 6,200 to 6,500 rpm. In addition, more powerful fuel pumps were installed, the intake area completely redesigned and the entire system designed for 100 octane fuel. In a pinch, the Hemi is also satisfied with 91 octane. Then it only makes 819 hp and 972 Nm. The new engine is said to be the most powerful V8 engine ever built in series. As in the Hellcat, the power can be limited via the ignition key. In the throttle version, only 500 hp and a maximum of 4,000 rpm. Approved. A special after-cooling system is designed to cool the drive down to a tolerable temperature as quickly as possible after using a dragstrip. A TransBrake system, a launch control and a reinforced torque converter in the eight-speed automatic transmission should support rocket launches.

Raises the nose - by up to 90 cm.

You give the demon like that right on the spurs, the 315/40 special dragster rear tires on their 18 inch rims (front tires of the same dimension rotate) under mighty widened wheel arches so bite into the asphalt that the Demon almost bites its noseTears up 90 cm (certified by the Guinness Book of Records) and shoots to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds. The quarter mile should be completed in 9.65 seconds at 140 mph (225 km /h) as top speed. Dodge claims to have measured 1.8 g as the maximum lateral acceleration.

The V8 delivers up to 852 hp.

Dodge Demon from $ 84,995

The chassis has been retuned and has adjustable dampers with a special dragstrip tuning. By dispensing with numerous comfort features, the passenger seat, the rear seats and a lot of insulation material as well as various lightweight components, the Demon is said to have slimmed down by a good 90 kg compared to the Hellcat. For one dollar each, buyers can get any option back.

The Demon will only be built for one model year. 3,000 copies are to be produced for the US market, 300 for Canada. The rest of the world is only allowed to watch when deliveries start in autumn. Each buyer also receives a one-day race training course. Oh yes, Dodge offers a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty on the Demon and a 5-year or 60,000-mile warranty on the drive.

The base price was $ 84,995, including a $ 1,700 gas guzzler tax included. At the basic price, however, the customer only receives access to 808 hp. The last power level on 852 is only optional - for a dollar surcharge. A normal Challenger SRT Hellcat with only 707 hp is available from 64,195 dollars.

Mercedes costs 73,325 dollars for an AMG E43, and a M550i xDrive from BMW is available from 72,100 dollars. An E 63 AMG and an M5 are currently not on offer in the USA.


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