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Discount battle: EU imports are less and less worthwhile

Discount battle
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We compared the prices for 50 models from brand dealers and EU importers. Result: The importers were 27 times cheaper, 19 times the brand dealers in Germany, four times the discount level was the same.

Citroen C4 at brand dealers 9 percent cheaper

The differences are still as before amazing. The compact Citroen C4 is currently available from brand dealers with a 33 percent discount, nine percentage points cheaper than from free EU dealers. The Toyota Auris 1.33 is available from dealers in Germany with a 29 percent discount, the EU importer only offers 21 percent. It is similar with the Ford Focus, Mazda 6 and Opel Insignia, which are currently available cheaper in Germany.

However, the EU importers are significantly cheaper for models such as the Seat Ibiza 1.2. They have a 31 percent discount, the brand dealer currently grants 'only' 22 percent. The EU importers are also clearly ahead with the Peugeot 308: there is a 29 percent discount from EU importers and only ten percent from brand dealers. Importers from Renault Scénic and Mégane, Fiat Bravo and Mitsubishi Outlander are also much cheaper.

EU importers with daily registrations

In most cases, the differences between EU importers and branded retailers are only a few percentage points, so that the customer often only has to decide on a difference of a few hundred euros. However, the test has shown that EU importers usually have a much larger selection of models than branded dealers. Here, the range of particularly affordable models is often very limited, and the customer can usually not choose the equipment they want. Often these are daily registrations.

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