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Digital vehicle registration: iKfz can do more

After the Federal Cabinet, the Federal Council also approved the new version of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance on Friday (March 31, 2023). This means that the new regulation can come into force on September 1, 2023. Here the details.

The new ordinance stipulates that drivers may use the vehicle on the road immediately after digital registration. A digital notification of admission is then valid. You no longer have to wait for the vehicle documents and stickers to be sent and you can drive for up to ten days without them.

The fully automated service then extends to:

  • Re-registration
  • Transfer in the registration district with change of owner and license plate
  • Transfer to another registration district with the same owner and change of license plate
  • Transfer to another registration district with change of owner and license plate
  • New registration
  • Change of address
  • Registration is then also possible for E-plates, vintage H-plates and seasonal plates.

    Car dealerships and registration services allowed

    With the new version of the regulation, legal persons, i.e. persons under private law such as car dealerships and registration service providers, will be able to use the internet-based registration for the first time. In the future, private individuals will also be able to commission companies such as motor vehicle insurers with online registration and prove their identity in a video identification process.

    For these groups, which make many registrations, there is a uniform major customer interface at the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The fees for digital registration via the iKfz portals should be cheaper compared to on-site registration. The federal states are responsible for implementation. The Federal Ministry of Transport (BMDV) assumes that in the future every second car will no longer be registered personally by the car buyer, but by motor vehicle insurers or other service providers via the Internet.

    Since October 1st, 2019 (level 3) there has been the possibility to register vehicles via the iKfz pages of the registration authorities - albeit with restrictions. The fully automated procedure currently only applies to re-registration if the license plate number is retained, as well as to simple changes of address. With all other – partially automated – processes, customers have to wait for the documents to be sent.

    Previous requirements for iKfz registration (level 3):

  • New ID card (nPA) with activated online ID function (eID) or
  • Electronic residence permit (eAT) with activated online ID function
  • ID card reader or
  • "AusweisApp2" for smartphones or tablets
  • Account with IBAN number for collection of vehicle tax by the main customs office (not for decommissioning or change of address)
  • Credit card or Giropay for payment of registration fees
  • No outstanding fees and Expenses from previous registration processes
  • No vehicle tax arrears
  • The vehicle was first registered after January 1st, 2015
  • Valid insurance confirmation (eVB number) for new registration, re-registration and transfer
  • Valid main inspection for re-registration and transfer
  • , By the way: You can see the true meaning of the license plate abbreviations in the slideshow.


    With the re-enactment of the registration ordinance, the federal government is expanding the iKfz service to include important processes. Finally, new registrations or registration as vintage cars are also possible. Car dealerships or registration services can now also use iKfz with a special interface. This should put an end to the endless waiting at the registration office, to relieve the burden on citizens and authorities. Of course, not everyone will want or be able to use this service.


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