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Dieter Althaus: Ex-Prime Minister becomes Magna Manager

Dieter Althaus
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D as shared Magna on Friday (29.1.) With. 'I am very much looking forward to the cooperation, especially since I know Magna well from my time as Prime Minister and have since been impressed by the extraordinary company culture and success story,' said Althaus. He will resign from his state parliament mandate at the end of April, he added. Althaus resigned as prime minister and party leader at the beginning of September 2009 after high CDU losses in the Thuringian state election. He was head of government in Thuringia for six years and previously the CDU parliamentary group leader and minister of education.

Magna boss Siegfried Wolf emphasized that the company's position in Germany should be expanded and strengthened with the help of Althaus. 'It is gratifying when politicians make their excellent contacts and experience available to the economy after their active period and not retreat to functionaries.'

Althaus have already been to the that ultimately failed Opel takeover negotiations from Magna were said to have good contacts with the top of the automotive supplier. At public appearances in Thuringia, Althaus and Magna boss Siegfried Wolf presented themselves several times as Duz friends.


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