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Diesel scandal: Further billions in fines for VW in the USA

US court of appeal decides against Volkswagen
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E s a lot of money has already flowed around the diesel scandal. Compensation, settlements, penalties - but the consequences for the Wolfsburg apparently never end. Now a US court of appeals has given the VW group another legal defeat, as Spiegel reports. Despite settlements that have already been concluded, regional sanctions in two districts in Utah and Florida should also be permitted. This means that Volkswagen will face further billions in fines.

Another eleven billion per year

The manufacturer does not want to surrender to this judgment without a fight and has therefore already announced that it will go to the highest instance if necessary . However, should the Supreme Court decide in favor of VW and the judgment ultimately becomes legally valid, it will again have to dig deep into your pockets. Based on the regional catalogs of fines, claims for damages could amount to just over eleven billion dollars per year.

This setback is particularly bitter for VW because the legal steps in the USA were considered to be complete. The diesel scandal in the USA has already cost around 23 billion euros, not to mention the loss of image. Only last week, the Federal Constitutional Court also found the group's behavior in the diesel scandal to be 'immoral' and generally ordered compensation for the buyers of affected models. A judgment that Volkswagen estimates should cost a further billion.


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