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Detroit Motor Show 2020: Auto Show takes place on June 8th

Relocation of the Detroit Motor Show from 2020
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D ie Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA), which the The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) organized annually, has now announced a postponement. With the transformation of the automotive industry in recent years, the auto show must also change, it is said as a reason for the postponement. Car makers are looking for new creative ways to showcase their vehicles and connect with customers. For more than a year now, the organizers have been working on plans to completely reorganize the NAIAS in order to offer hundreds of brands a fresh international platform.

'If we break out of the traditional auto show format, then we no longer need to follow the normal trade fair season, says Doug North, DADA President.

NAIAS 2020 like Goodwood

Young and The NAIAS wants to show itself hip. This also includes including the entire city in the fair.

So the auto show in summer should also become a car event Establish outdoors around the Cobo Center exhibition hall and other city landmarks. These include Hart Plaza, Detroit River Walk, Campus Martius, Woodward Avenue, and Grand Circus Park. It is also possible to expand beyond the city center to the historic automobile locations. Accordingly, the organizers are planning test drives and technical demonstrations on the roof of the Cobo Center and in the nearby streets, including off-road courses and autonomous driving.

In addition to the events, the NAIAS should also be significantly faster in summer (three eight weeks). Visitors are also expected to be more likely than in winter. This is where the NAIAS 2018 took placearound 750,000 visitors for the city of Detroit, who generated 480 million US dollars.

According to the 'Detroit News', Ford, one of the three big Detroit car manufacturers, has pushed the organizers to postpone it. The background is, among other things, the success of the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and attracting more vehicles and spectators every year with its mix of show and driving events. Ford has been a sponsor here for years.

Detroit 2019: BMW, Mercedes and Audi cancel

Other reasons for the postponement are certainly that the LA Auto Show in November and in February the steadily growing Chicago Auto Show are in direct competition with the NAIAS. In addition, well-known car manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi have already canceled their attendance for 2019. Detroit is currently experiencing an upswing. The once run-down automobile metropolis is gradually transforming into a hip city, Ford has also bought the train station, which has been vacant for decades, in order to build an innovation center there and in the surrounding area.

In our photo show we show you the highlights of Detroit Auto Show 2018.


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