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Demand for electric cars: Grand coalition plans funding

Demand for electric cars
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D er Sales of electric cars are slow. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, only 7,114 vehicles with electronic drives were on German roads in 2013. The ambitious goal of one million electric cars currently seems extremely unrealistic. In order to boost sales, the Union and SPD would like to work with the stately development bank KfW to grant cheap loans on environmentally friendly cars in the future, according to the latest draft of the coalition agreement. Further details have not yet been clarified, such as how high the interest rates or the maximum amount of the loan will be.

Grand coalition takes up older proposal

The idea of ​​cheap loans to promote low-cost loans is completely new Not electromobility. As early as 2011, the National Platform for Electric Mobility (NPE) suggested setting up a funding program with the help of KfW. The model provided for a loan of 30,000 euros with an interest rate of a maximum of 2.5 percent.

Further sales promotion measures planned

In addition to the loan, further measures to promote the sale of electric cars are being planned. For example, the charging infrastructure for battery-powered cars and hydrogen cars is to be expanded. In addition, the federal government would like to act as a role model and convert the vehicle fleet to electric vehicles.


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