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Dekra used car report: These cars have the fewest defects

Dekra used vehicle report
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W as the new registrations last year, the used car market managed : It closed with a plus - more precisely with 1.1 percent more than 2011. That shows how important this market is now. But unlike with a new car, buying a used car is associated with risks - the technology has a lot under its belt, the wear and tear is higher, and the guarantees usually expire after a year.

German brands cut in the Dekra -Used car report goes well

In short: Good advice is needed. This is where the Dekra-used car report (4.50 euros in stores now) , which appears once a year. 'Our report is an aid for potential used car buyers. It provides detailed information about the typical defects of a certain model', says Gerd Neumann, member of the management of Dekra Automobil GmbH.

Cut in the current evaluation of the Dekra used car report especially the German brands do well. You win in almost all car and mileage classes. Even more: the hit list of the ten models with the lowest risk of defects across all the mileage classes examined includes nine domestic makes, the front runner being the Audi A4. Second place went to the Mercedes C-Class, and third place went to the Volvo S80 /V70 - the only foreigner in the top ten.

Upper class with the best values ​​

The result by vehicle class is also interesting. The key figure for the evaluation has been the so-called Dekra Deficiency Index (DMI) in the Dekra Used Car Report since 2011. It relates the proportion of vehicles without relevant defects to the proportion of those with significant defects. That creates better comparability. The models in the upper middle class and upper class are not very susceptible - the segment achieves a DMI value of 75.0. This is followed by sports cars and convertibles (71.8) and off-road vehicles /SUVs (71.6). The other places are taken by the compact cars (67.6), the medium class (66.4) and the vans (64.7). As in previous years, the segment of minis and small cars brings up the rear with a DMI value of 60.8.

But that doesn't mean that smaller cars don't need themEarn recommendation. The Audi A1 proves the opposite and achieves a very good DMI value of 97.1 in the mileage class of zero to 50,000 km. It thus achieves exactly the same value as the larger and more expensive BMW three with the same mileage. Only the compact Ford Focus (97.3) are better in this kilometer category, the Mercedes E-Class (97.4) in the upper middle class /luxury class, the BMW Z4 (97.7) in the sports car and the Ford in the vans C-Max (97.7).

Old cars often better than their reputation

Mostly only achieve young used cars such positive results. The older a car, the more vulnerable it is - but that doesn't always have to be the case, as Dekra found out in a special investigation. In the Dekra Used Car Report, the expert organization also examined models that are more than 15 years old and found that many cars are still technically convincing in all assemblies even with mileages of 200,000 kilometers. These include the VW Golf IV, the first generation of the Mercedes A-Class or the Ford Focus and the BMW Z3. These cars, which are available for less than 5,000 euros, are particularly suitable for people on a budget. But they are also suitable for novice drivers, because when it comes to safety equipment, they are not yet scrapped.


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