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Dekra Defect Report: The most reliable used vehicles

Reinhard Schmid
Dekra deficiency report
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D he Dekra Used Car Report 2012 sends good and bad news Ingolstadt. First this: The Audi A6, in previous years the clear winner of the used cars across all three mileage classes, has slipped to third place.

Then the positive: The new king in terms of freedom from defects in the general inspection is the Audi A4 . Between the duo with the four rings in front of the radiator, the Mercedes C-Class came in second.

The Dekra overall ranking is, so to speak, the great freestyle of a meticulous evaluation. From around 15 million general inspections over the past 24 months, the statisticians of the Stuttgart testing organization distill a clear picture of the reliability of second-hand cars once a year.

Evaluations in three mileage classes

All series from which more than 1,000 main inspections are available are evaluated. These are initial examinations; Follow-up checks are not included in the Dekra Deficiency Index (DMI). The reference value for the detailed evaluation is the mileage class: zero to 50,000 kilometers (1), 50,001 to 100,000 kilometers (2) and, as the third class, 100,001 to 150,000 kilometers (3).

If all three results are for a Adding up the series results in the overall order: With which models do buyers expect the fewest problems, even with higher mileage?

The index only refers to defects specific to used vehicles. Expired expiration dates of first aid kits or worn tires are not included; They are a matter for the driver.

Off-road vehicles are also trendy as used vehicles

Where are the used car trends for 2012? Off-road vehicles - especially the compact ones - are more in demand than ever, and the upper middle class and the luxury segment are used more and more cheaply. If the new regulation of the environmental badges takes effect - since the beginning of the year many cities have been blocking their streets for cars without a green dot - one can count on even lower bargain prices for those noble cars that only have a yellow badge or even red.

Anyone who lives in the country and can avoid the cities may therefore come to unexpectedly cheap luxury. Small cars and minicars are becoming increasingly popular in metropolitan areas. According to the observation of the professionals, city dwellers currently prefer to look for a car in the next smaller class than the one that has itshould actually be.

ESP often not checked preventively

Even more modern used vehicles are becoming increasingly attractive because they even after three or four years and maybe 60,000 kilometers still have a lot of the charm of the brand new. The only problematic is the electronics of older semesters, for example with the ESP: The stability program can usually not be checked preventively, but only shows how well it works in an emergency.

The balance of the German manufacturers falls this year good looking like long. In mileage class 1, 96.9 percent of all Opel Astra tested were free of defects - pleasing evidence of high reliability for the compact model.

Opel Insignia in first place in the Dekra Defects Report

Also in Lightning strikes the middle class here - the Opel Insignia has 96 percent in the defect index. So it can be concluded that Opel is one of the winners this year.

In general, things are looking good for the German brands. In the Champions League, the sum of all three mileage classes, nine German manufacturers are among the top ten. Toyota alone brings the Verso to tenth place.

In the Dekra Used Car Report, German manufacturers have 14 out of a total of 21 podium places in the class up to 50,000 kilometers, Japanese six. The report concludes that VW, Audi, Toyota, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW are strongly represented in the overall ranking. Ford, Honda, Mazda and Opel are also well presented.


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