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DC Design Studies: New Dream Cars from Bollywood

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D he Tato Nano is said to be the cheapest car in the world and not just the Indian one Roll up car market. For around 2,000 dollars, it comes in the simplest way, but should be able to mobilize an entire Indian family.

Dilip Chhabria has completely different plans with the small car. In the DC version, the Nano becomes a luxurious super sports car with a price tag of 150,000 euros. It goes without saying that no stone remains unturned in this undertaking.

A splash of Rolls-Royce should be brought into the little Indian by doors that open in opposite directions. DC also does without the B-pillars. For this purpose, transparent plastic doors are thought to make the view of the street omnipresent. The nano-pilot takes a look back using small cameras that replace the rear-view mirrors. Xenon headlights turn night into day, LED indicators and taillights bring the modern age into the economy vehicle.

Mighty carbon fiber aprons and widened fenders create space for 15 inch aluminum rims and 155 tires at the front as well as 185 tires at the Rear axle. DC also goes into full force with the drive. The standard 33 HP two-cylinder is thrown out, has to give way to a 197 HP 1.4-liter four-cylinder from the high-speed motorcycle Suzuki Hayabusa, which is coupled to a seven-speed gearbox with Tiptronic function. In addition, the entire drive moves to the rear axle. A sports suspension and a generously dimensioned racing brake system should keep the dwarf in check.

The nano interior will be completely cleared out and refilled with two sports seats and a huge screen. The instruments use a head-up display for display. The remaining surfaces are covered with the finest materials. In between, there is discreet ambient lighting that can be electronically adjusted to different moods. The Super-Nano is still just a concept. However, DC plans to build a small edition of five vehicles from the luxury mini that will be sold in India.

The Ying Yang bus

On base of a Tata Winger, DC Design has put the Ying Yang, an approximately 5.20 meter long lifestyle bus in a retro design on wheels. 23-inch wheels give the angular giant a rich appearance. Access to the interior is only granted by a large door, otherwise the Ying Yang is superficially clean. Once you have boarded the bus, the up to eight passengers can expect a very long sofa, a fold-out oneParty table of a home cinema system. Either two fabric sliding roofs or two air conditioning units provide fresh air. The party atmosphere is rounded off by a wooden floor and aluminum railing. So that the party gets going, a 90 hp two-liter four-cylinder works in the rear.

The DC Imperator

Purely sporty line pursues DC Design with the sports SUV Imperator. This has nothing like a robust and angular SUV of conventional design, rather it was the Ferrari Enzo godfather for the off-road sports car. Lots of ground clearance, a cabin set far forward, gullwing doors that open upwards and 28-inch wheels with 325/25 tires characterize the off-roader made of carbon fiber laminate.

The 2 + 2-seater carries the Audi V12 TDI as a mid-engine and distributes its 500 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque a sequential seven-speed gearbox and also the Audi Q7 borrowed Quattro drive on all four wheels. A ceramic brake system, which in turn comes from Audi, is used for deceleration. Thanks to its aerodynamically shaped body, the Imperator is said to be over 340 km /h according to computer calculations. It is controlled by wire - so the driver's position can also be quickly converted from left to right. Even with the other equipment - head-up display, rearview camera, ... - the Imperator looks to the future. However, it is uncertain whether the emperor himself has a future. As a show object, it doesn't just fit Bollywood.


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