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David meets Goliath: fascination with tuner GP

Roman Domes
David meets Goliath
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The 2015 program is full of pick-packs again. Traditionally, it starts on Friday. So everything is the same? Not quite, at least as far as the s port auto -Tuner-Grand-Prix is ​​concerned, with big names like Geiger Cars, Importracing or Hohenester Sport Fight for supremacy in the industry again.

Special exhibitions of major tuning manufacturers

The tried and tested mode with training and classified races will remain. In contrast to previous years, both now take place on Friday. The next day, as usual, the so-called final race takes place, which is not just about tenths of a second, but above all about positions.

A special attraction: the slow ones from the Friday sessions start at the front, the fast ones from the back, so there will be a lot of overtaking spectacle. In any case, proximity to the spectators is the top priority of the entire event: there are no streaks or VIP areas. No matter whether in the pit lane, in the paddock or in the countless carpooling opportunities - you are always up close.

This also applies to the countless special exhibitions by major tuning manufacturers and accessory suppliers. The paddock includes: ATS & Alutec, the Essen Motor Show, Jaguar, VOS, McLaren, Sonax, Öhlins, Hamann, Wetterauer, Bilstein, Radical, AC Schnitzer and Geiger Cars from Munich.


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