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David Brown Speedback Silverstone Edition (2018): data, information, market launch, price

David Brown
David Brown Speedback Silverstone Edition (2018)
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B it is about the Speedback Silverstone Edition is a further performance-enhanced version of the well-known Speedback. In the Speedback GT, the supercharged V8 with five liters of displacement taken over from Jaguar develops 510 hp and 625 Nm. At Jaguar itself, this unit now delivers up to 575 hp. David Brown names 601 hp and a maximum torque of 766 Nm for the Speedback Silverstone Edition. Shifting continues with the familiar ZF 6-speed automatic. In the best case, the 1.8 ton GT sprints from zero to 100 km /h in 4.3 seconds. The maximum speed should be a regulated 250 km /h. David Brown of the Silverstone Edition will only build ten of the right-hand or left-hand drive vehicles. Potential customers should, however, already be solvent, because the basic price is given as the equivalent of around 695,000 euros. Possible taxes and duties are added.

David Brown
The David Brown Speedback Silverstone Edition should produce over 600 hp.

Classic Line changed in details

The equipment of the special model includes integral sports seats with memory function at the front. In the rear there is only space for luggage, plus another 500 liters in addition to the trunk. The steering wheel has been flattened at the bottom and decorated with Alcantara and aluminum. Various control elements in the cockpit have also been made of aluminum, the instrument dials have been redrawn, and fine wood adorns the cockpit. The full-LED headlights in the fenders are supplemented by two more headlights in the wire mesh radiator grille. Special 20-inch alloy wheels were fitted into the wheel arches, the exhaust gases from the V8 are released through a new four-pipe exhaust system and theSide skirts were widened with new panels.

Otherwise, the classic lines of the Speedback GT remained unchanged for the high-performance version. Like its sister models, the new Speedback Silverstone Edition will also be handcrafted at the company's headquarters in Silverstone.


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