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Datsun Go Cross Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show

Datsun Go Cross Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show
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D he Datsun Go Cross shares the Basis with the Datsun Go +, which has been enriched with the typical cross ingredients. The crossover treatment includes plastic extensions on the wheel arches, new aprons at the front and rear with suggested underrun protection elements, side paneling, new fog lights, a raised chassis and roof rails.

Datsun Go Cross with front-wheel drive

And Because the Datsun Cross Concept is a study, exclusive elements such as large alloy wheels, exterior mirror housings made of polished aluminum, recessed door handles, aluminum elements in the side sills, LED lights and a glass roof should not be missing. In a possible series production, these parts are likely to fall victim to the red pen.

The Japanese did not provide any information about the drive of the Go Cross. However, it is likely that the Go construction kit will also take effect here. A 1.2-liter gasoline engine works in the Go +, which is coupled to a manual five-speed gearbox and only drives the front wheels.

Should a decision be made to go into series production, the Go Cross should be like the Go + are built in Indonesia and are offered in markets such as Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


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