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Dartz Prombron Black Shark: armored SUV for street fighting

Dartz Prombron Black Shark
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D he Latvian car maker Dartz proudly refers to its history and its Status as a supplier to the Tsarist house, admirals, generals and dictators. The Latvians cite imperial opulence in interior design, Russian military expertise in armoring and German engineering in vehicle technology as cornerstones of the current model philosophy. As the youngest model of this triad of values, Dartz sends the Prombron Black Shark into street fighting.

High-tech tanks with up to 1,500 hp

The German engineering is the Mercedes GL-Class, which as the GL 63 AMG supplies the substructure for the Black Shark. This gives the Black Shark 557 hp and 760 Nm. However, if the customer demands a little more power, the six-liter V12 biturbo from the 65 AMG models is simply retrofitted and this is then increased to up to 1,500 hp with kevlar titanium plates to move to B7 armored Black Shark. Inspired by Black Shark military helicopters, the Dartz is not stingy with high-tech. A fingerprint check and a retina scan provide access to the interior. When you arrive in the interior, which is lined with plenty of leather, precious metals and precious woods, electrochromatically darkening windows lock out the outside world. The door handles disappear invisibly into the body, and a Papparazzi defense is activated. Of course, the Black Shark is also fully networked and thus always has itself and its environment under control - optionally also by remote control. Additional equipment includes a detection system for explosives, a jammer, an embrasure as well as an xBox, a champagne bar and hand-polished champagne flutes.

The automobile dream of all dictators will only come true for 5, because more models should not be built. Wait, there will be two exceptions. A London customer wants a special version for himself and another in a special shade of blue with numerous Swarovski stones for his daughter. After all, there has to be a little Chi-Chi.


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