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Danger of delivery times: These manufacturers guarantee environmental premiums

The delivery times for e-cars are still long. This is why some customers are threatened with reduced or no subsidy premiums. But some manufacturers calm down.

At the turn of the year, the conditions for the state e-car subsidy were adjusted: Buyers of a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) have not received any financial purchase support since January 1, 2023; those for pure electric cars (BEV) fell noticeably on this date. Because many PHEV and BEV models had extremely long delivery times, some car manufacturers made concessions to their customers (see below): Either they gave guarantees that the car they ordered would be handed over to them on time. Or they paid the difference to the (full) subsidy amount valid until the end of 2022 out of their own pocket.

But the current bonus scheme will not last long. Commercial buyers already have to hurry: From September 1, 2023, only private individuals can apply for the state e-car premium. And for these, it will continue to fall by the turn of the year at the latest: Then the total amount will fall from the current maximum of 6,750 to a maximum of 4,500 euros (net in each case). In addition, the money then only flows if the net list price does not exceed 45,000 euros. The upper limit is currently 65,000 euros.

In addition: The greyhound principle applies. If the funding pot (2023: 2.1 billion euros; 2024: 1.3 billion euros) is empty, there will no longer be an e-car premium. However, since the delivery times for most models are still very long, their customers are still at risk of running into a cost trap. In order to prevent this, the first car manufacturers are again issuing guarantees - this time for the phase from September 2023 or January 2024.

Renault continues to support the full amount

Renault is making a start. Anyone who orders a Twingo, Zoe, Kangoo or Master in the E-Tech Electric version by the end of April will definitely receive the currently valid subsidy in the full amount of EUR 7,200 gross. The manufacturer is thus rolling out the previously applicable regulation for the Megane and Kangoo Rapid E-Tech Electric to its entire electric range. The Renault dealers then pay the difference if the car cannot be registered until September 2023 (relevant for commercial customers) or January 2024 due to late delivery. The latter two models already benefited from a similar offer last year (see below). According to Renault, this has “given sales of pure electric vehicles a significant boost”.

Review of 2022: Skoda

The Czech VW subsidiary paid its customers the full amount of the e-car or PHEV subsidy that was valid until the end of 2022 even if the car ordered was delivered too late. However, only under certain conditions.Skoda had to have promised a delivery date for 2022. In addition, the regulation only applied to participating dealers and cars that were delivered to the dealer from December 1, 2022, but could no longer be registered in time. The German Skoda importer assumed a large part of the costs, with the participating partner companies making a “small contribution”.

Tesla paid environmental bonus compensation

Tesla also launched a compensation program for the Model 3 and Model Y series in 2022. Anyone who had ordered their new car by December 31st in the online configurator or in the Tesla Store, but had or will not have their car delivered until 2023, still received or will still receive the full amount of the previously valid environmental bonus. "This compensation covers the difference to the lower environmental bonus next year compared to the currently higher rates, which are made up of the manufacturer's share and the federal share including the innovation bonus," it said on the Tesla website in autumn. However, the vehicle price had to be paid immediately after the invoice was issued or a financing agreement had to be concluded and the car had to be accepted immediately as soon as it was made available for delivery.

Renault guaranteed the full 9,570 euros

Those who had ordered a Megane or Kangoo Rapid E-Tech Electric in time could sit back and relax. The Renault dealers also paid out the full innovation bonus of 9,570 euros if the car was delivered too late to be registered in 2022. "The guarantee applies to predefined Megane E-Tech Electric or Kangoo Rapid E-Tech Electric in the stock and supply of the trade as well as order vehicles, which customers can configure themselves within the framework of the available contingents," the French manufacturer said in a statement at the time.

Ford guaranteed bonus for Kuga PHEV

This is exactly the approach Ford followed. On the one hand, the Cologne-based company pointed out that there were still immediately available copies of the Kuga PHEV in the dealer showrooms, which could be used for the regular environmental bonus when they were newly registered. But thanks to Ford and its dealers, customers who have configured their car with optional equipment and will not have it delivered until 2023 should also receive a bonus of up to 6,750 euros on the new price even after the state environmental bonus has expired.

Jeep promised a PHEV bonus

Jeep made a similar commitment as Ford. The US brand from the Stellantis Group guaranteed all private and commercial customers the environmental premium at the rate at that time for a Jeep Renegade 4xe or Compass 4xe with plug-in -Hybrid drive of the 2023 model year. Even if the car was not delivered until after the turn of the year. However, the respective new car had to be ordered before September 30, 2022 and the promotion did not apply to models with the basic equipment Limited.

Mazda made the CX-60 commitment

Mazda secured customers who had ordered a CX-60 e-Skyactiv PHEV in good time. Together with its dealers, the manufacturer took over the state bonus and thus guaranteed the environmental bonus in the event that the vehicle was not delivered until 2023. The offer was valid for all purchase contracts in the period from July 1st to September 30th, 2022 in connection with a leasing contract for the Mazda CX-60 e-Skyactiv PHEV with the Homura or Takumi equipment including the Driver Assistance Package and Convenience & sound pack.

Planning security at Hyundai

Hyundai also made a corresponding commitment: "Thanks to our short production and delivery routes, we can guarantee that electric cars and plug-in vehicles that are bought now or soon as part of our promise will be available by the end of the year delivered to customers," said Jürgen Keller, Managing Director of Hyundai Motor Germany, in spring 2022. The manufacturer wanted to give its customers planning security; this and the quick availability of the desired car are important selling points. The Koreans gave exact dates by when certain electrified series had to be ordered by private buyers so that they could be handed over to customers in good time before New Year's Eve. (Lease the Ioniq 5 cheaply here ).

Fiat E-Ducato arrived just in time

Those who bought the electric Ducato as a panel van by June 30th at the latest received their car in time to benefit from the full innovation bonus of 7,500 euros. Fiat Professional guaranteed its customers timely delivery of the commercial vehicle. According to the German importer, the great success of the E-Ducato in this country helped the German importer: “This means we can get more vehicles from production and are prioritized to ensure timely delivery to our customers,” said Pascal Martens, Germany Director Commercial Vehicles at the Fiat parent company Stellantis, in early summer 2022.

Mercedes named deadlines

At Mercedes, the payment of the manufacturer's share for plug-in hybrid models expired at the end of 2022 in parallel with the planned change in the funding guideline for the environmental bonus. However, this was still granted for all vehicles ordered by June 30, 2022, regardless of when they were actually delivered. For new orders of plug-in hybrid vehicles since July 2022 and a delivery date after 2023, the manufacturer's share of the environmental bonus no longer applies.

Peugeot made the start

Peugeot made a delivery promise until the end of April. However, at the time (mid-April 2022) a dealer honestly added: "It is questionable whether it can be kept until April 30th." The average delivery time at the time was 29 to 31 weeks.A delivery date of around mid-November was therefore to be expected.


In view of the currently great uncertainties regarding the delivery times of new cars, September or the beginning of next year will be here sooner for some car buyers than they would like. Because again the subsidy premium is at stake or threatens to decrease. Accordingly, the first car manufacturers are already launching programs designed to cushion such risks. It could be worth it, because if customers have planning security, it should boost e-car sales.


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