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Damage from potholes: Drivers usually pay themselves

Damage from potholes
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D enn Cracks and craters can quickly throw a vehicle off course or clog the shock absorbers or the wheel suspension. 'The driver usually gets stuck on the repair costs', explains ADAC lawyer Jost Kärger.

Claims only if the traffic safety obligation has been violated

Potholes in which condensation water is particularly dangerous has accumulated. Their depth can hardly be made out from the steering wheel of the vehicle. In the event of an accident or damage to the car, claims can only be submitted to a municipality or the federal government if they have violated their duty to maintain safety. 'It is extremely difficult to prove that,' says Kärger.

In any case, photos of the scene of the accident are required for a procedure, ideally also witness statements. The police should also be involved. If you want to go to court, you should hire a lawyer and discuss the prospects of success of a lawsuit with them in advance, advises Kärger.


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