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Dainese Custom Works
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If an off-the-shelf combination is too boring and arbitrary for you, you can contact Dainese can now customize jackets, pants and suits according to personal preferences. This is made possible by a 3D configurator , which is integrated on the Dainese website.

Individual look from 300 euros

Almost all adjustments are possible.

This allows every driver, his suit, jacket or pants in real time with just a few clicks to design interactively and individually. You can change the colors of individual parts, add accessories such as badges or sliders, and upload lettering and images that should be immediately visible on the clothing. The respective result can be viewed immediately in a 3D view. The respective surcharges for the customization are shown in parallel in the configurator.


in a leather suit, the option costs individualization around 500 euros extra in a leather jacket around 300 euros, available for Lederhosen there are still no details. In addition, the surcharges for individual changes are added.

Processing via the Dainese dealer

Test attempt: this Dainese station wagon configured by us would cost 2484.60 euroscost.

As soon as the customer has finalized his desired design, the design is saved. In the next step, an appointment is made for the measurement and the purchase is completed at one of the Certified Custom Works Centers - an authorized Dainese store.


here a specialized consultant collected the 25 anatomical extent of support that is required for the production of a tailored garment are. Taking into account the specific needs and use of the product by each individual customer. You can touch all technologies, materials, surfaces and accessories in the store.

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