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Daimler expects a profit of seven billion euros

Daimler increases expectations
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'Of course the world economy is not yet as stable as it was before the recession, but it is we are confident that we will continue to be successful in our markets, 'said Zetsche in Stuttgart.

From July to September, the premium manufacturer made a profit of 1.6 billion euros. A year ago, the Dax group had to be satisfied with a narrow after-tax result of 56 million euros. The operating result multiplied to
2 , 4 billion euros (2009: 470 million euros). Sales increased by 30 percent to 25.1 billion euros. Worldwide sales of cars and trucks increased by 23 percent to 475,100 vehicles.

Seven billion euros profit expected

For the year as a whole, the Stuttgart-based company now wants to achieve an operating profit of seven billion euros, announced Zetsche. Most recently, he had promised earnings before interest and taxes of six billion euros for 2010, at the beginning of the year he had still expected 2.3 billion euros.

The Stuttgart-based company also wants to increase sales and sales significantly. To what extent revenues (2009: 78.9 billion euros) and sales (1.6 million vehicles) should increase, however, Zetsche left it open. The CEO believes a slight increase in the number of employees is possible. Around 260,000 people currently work at Daimler worldwide.


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