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Daimler Christmas film: Zetsche is applying for a new job

Daimler Christmas film 2018
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D ieter Zetsche and the video appearances in which he himself refers to the Shovel takes - it's an almost legendary story. During his time as Chrysler boss, “Dr. Z “in this way notoriety. In commercials, he explained in English with a broad German accent, among other things, that his beard is real and that he is a real doctor. For several years now, in his role as Daimler CEO, he has been sending a video message at the end of the year, which always contains a strong dash of self-irony.

Lewis Hamilton and Joachim Löw are also there

So also in 2018 This time it's a special Christmas video because it should be his last. Zetsche will leave the Daimler Board of Management at the end of May 2019. This is exactly what the film is about: After a cooling-off phase, Zetsche is not expected to join the Supervisory Board until 2021. This time wants to be used, which is why Zetsche is applying for various jobs, in the Daimler universe and outside of it. The five-and-a-half-minute video shows how successful he is, with charming punch lines and a greeting and farewell message to the Daimler employees.

By the way: Zetsche is by no means the sole entertainer in the film. Cameo appearances by chief designer Gordon Wagener, Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton and federal Jogi Joachim Löw drive the superstar quota upwards. Ola Källenius, who follows Zetsche in the office of the board boss, is not to be seen. Perhaps he will continue the video series from next year. Until then, there is enough time to grow a veritable mustache.


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