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Daimler: business relations with Iran cut

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T spit you have subjected them to another critical examination in the light of recent political developments. 'As a result, we have completely suspended our business with Iran.'

Other companies have submitted

The background to this is the dispute over the Iranian nuclear program. Zetsche emphasized that the move was not directed against the Iranian people. 'The policy of the current Iranian leadership, however, requires that our business relations with this country be interrupted.' The company is selling its 30 percent stake in the diesel engine manufacturer Iranian Diesel Engine Manufacturing. Zetsche announced this at the annual general meeting in April. 'We are in the process of completing the process,' said a Daimler spokesman when asked.

The industrial group ThyssenKrupp had already stopped doing business with Iran in September. Credit institutions such as Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank have announced their withdrawal, as have the insurers Allianz and Munich Re. The companies are worried about being pilloried internationally as supporters of the Iranian regime. Above all, there is widespread fear that orders in the USA could be lost.

Daimler put its business relations with neighboring Iraq on hold after the chaos of war and the UN embargo. The group is now active there again.


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