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Daimler boss Zetsche's contract extended

Daimler Board of Management - contracts extended
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The previous head of the van division will be responsible for production and the purchase of the car division Mercedes Cars . The management board of the DAX group now has six members again.

Zetsche is firmly back in the saddle

Zetsche has been at the top of the DAX group since 2006. The contract of the group leader would have expired this year. In the course of the global car crisis and the associated downswing for the Stuttgart-based company, Zetsche's position was also critically questioned at times. However, since car sales have been picking up again since the final quarter of 2009 and the austerity measures taken by the Board of Management have taken effect, the mood recently turned in favor of the manager again.

This Thursday, Zetsche in Stuttgart will be the balance sheet for 2009 and one Present outlook for the next few months. Experts expect red numbers for the past fiscal year. For 2010, however, the group leader has already expressed confidence several times that the automaker has bottomed out.

Weber, too Extended in 2013, Bernhard confirmed

At the meeting of the control committee, the contract of head of research Thomas Weber was extended by three years. Weber has been a member of the Daimler Board of Management since 2003. His contract would also have expired in 2010. As with Zetsche, the new contract is valid until the end of 2013.

D as Bernhard's advancement to the Daimler Board of Management was announced a few days ago. The approval of the supervisory board was therefore only a matter of form. Bernhard's contract runs until the end of February 2013. The manager will take over from Mercedes vice-president Rainer Schmückle. The manager will leave Stuttgart according to dpa information. Bernhard's successor as head of the van division is still open.


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