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Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche will end in 2019 - Ola Källenius will follow

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche is stopping, Ubber is going too
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N Even at the beginning of 2016 the Daimler's Supervisory Board extended Dieter Zetsche's (65) CEO's contract until December 31, 2019. Now, surprisingly, Zetsche is stopping a few months earlier. However, Zetsche, who was born in Istanbul, will stay with the company. In 2021, after a two-year “cooling off” period, he will take over as Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Daimler. At this point in time, the current supervisory board boss, Manfred Bischoff, will be stepping down from office.

This transition period of two years is stipulated in the corporate governance code to allow a gap between the executive board office and the office on the supervisory body

Ola Källenius takes over the CEO position

As successor to Zetsche, the Supervisory Board decided on Wednesday (September 26, 2018) to appoint Ola Källenius as Chairman of the Management Board and to appoint him to transfer the management of the Mercedes-Benz Cars division for a new term of five years. Regarding the nomination of Ola Källenius by the Supervisory Board, Dieter Zetsche said: “Ola Källenius has not only earned my appreciation in a variety of functions at Daimler, but also the recognition of colleagues in various areas. At the same time, he brings a valuable international perspective. I therefore very much welcome the fact that the supervisory board has made this forward-looking personnel decision. ”

As the successor to Ola Källenius, according to the decision of the supervisory board, Markus Schäfer will be responsible for corporate research and Mercedes-Benz Cars development on the board of management of Daimler AG accept.

The Supervisory Board of Daimler AG has also made further personnel decisions-

First non-German at the top of the group

With Ola Källenius, for the first time in the company's history, a non-German person is at the head of the auto group. The 50-year-old Swede is married to a Swabian woman and has three children. It is considered open and casual and stands for a new corporate culture in which emotional decisions also play a role. For him, instincts and intuitions are key qualifications for managers. In his current position on the board of directors, he had to prove himself as a non-technician for his role as future CEO. Källenius studied business administration in Stockholm and joined the group as a trainee. In 2015 he took over the sales of Mercedes Cars, in 2017 he took over the position on the Board of Management for Group Research and Development.

Dieter Zetsche has been a member of the Board of Management since December 1998 and was appointed CEO of what was then Daimler-Chrysler AG in January 2006. In addition, he has been head of the Mercedes-Benz Cars division since 2005.

CFO Bodo Uebber also leaves

Less than two weeks after Zetsche, Daimler CFO Bodo Uebber surprisingly said goodbye announced for the end of next year. Uebber does not want its contract to be extended and will leave at the end of 2019. The company did not initially name a reason


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