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Daimler at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012: Antos, Citan and Vito

Daimler at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012
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The successor to the Vaneo will be launched with four engines and three vehicle lengths. Technically, the M ercedes at his donor Renault Kangoo. According to Mercedes, the Citan will be offered as a commercially used van in various lengths and weights as well as a station wagon, panel van and Mixto. In the van, the passenger compartment is separated from the cargo area by a partition. The high-roof combination is due to be launched at the end of 2012.

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles with Euro VI engines, hybrid and electric drives

With the Mercedes-Benz Antos, there is for the first time a completely separate model series specially designed for the requirements of heavy distribution transport in front. The Actros' little brother rolls off the production line with in-line six-cylinder engines, all of which meet the Euro VI standard. According to Daimler, the new engines combine powerful acceleration and extremely smooth running with low fuel consumption. The reason for the new engines is the new legal situation from 01/01/2014: Then all newly registered trucks and buses in Europe must meet the Euro VI emissions standard.

The new Canter Eco Hybrid can advertise itself with very low fuel consumption . The light truck from the Japanese Daimler subsidiary Fuso has a further developed hybrid drive technology under the sheet metal cover. It can drive up to 10 km /h purely electrically and is then supported by a 3.0 liter turbo diesel (150 hp). The Canter Eco Hybrid will be produced in Portugal for the European market from autumn 2012.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell station wagon produces no exhaust gases at all. The seven-seater with purely electric drive is offered in 16 European countries. In favor of the range of 130 km, the speed is limited to 89 km /h. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as pedestrian zones, inner cities or health resorts.

With the world premiere of the Setra Comfort Class 500, Daimler's bus division is also presenting itself at the IAA Commercial Vehicles. The luxury touring coach of the traditional bus brand advertises with a Cd value of 0.33 and is getting Euro VI engines for the first time. The Citaro city bus will also be presented with these engines in Hanover.

New assistance systems for the Actros

In addition to new onesDaimler is also presenting new assistance systems in the Actros long-haul truck: Active Brake Assist (ABA 3) of the third generation automatically initiates emergency braking on stationary obstacles and Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) networks GPS information about the route and gearshift systems into a predictive one Assistance system that helps the truck to always drive in the correct, fuel-saving gear.


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