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Dähler BMW M3 / M4: tuned AMG rivals with 510 or 540 hp

Dähler Design und Technik GmbH
Dähler BMW M3 /M4
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4 31 to 476 or even 510 hp . In the performance discipline, the BMW M3 and M4 clearly lag behind the competition from AMG. Even the GTS variant of the M4 loses out to the C 63 S. So what to do Answer: Just let the tuner run.

The M4 convertible should pretzel to 100 km /h in under 4 seconds

In the most recent case, aid for M3 and M4 comes from Switzerland. Right: From Switzerland, the country of speed restrictions, tough speed controls and hefty penalties for speed offenders. But even among the confederates there are still some PS fetishists. For example, the tuning company Dähler Design und Technik GmbH from Belp near Bern.

The tuner ignites two power levels for the BMW M3 /M4 models. In the first, Dähler increases the output of the in-line six-cylinder turbo with a displacement of 3 liters from 431 to 510 hp. So above the level of the BMW M4 GTS. While the torque also climbs - from 550 to 700 Nm - the sprint time drops to 100 km /h. For the BMW M4 convertible, which the tuner uses to present its program, Dähler specifies a time of less than four seconds. BMW itself measures the 0-100 km /h sprint in 4.6 seconds (manual switch, DKG 4.4 seconds).

With the increased power, the BMW M4 Convertible breaks all handcuffs and shackles from the body. The open athlete should run at up to 315 km /h. The M4 flies even faster after Dähler burns down the second expansion stage. 327 km /h, 540 PS and 730 Nm are then in the vehicle description.

The Swiss are also launching an identical tuning program for sedans and coupés. The pimped M models are articulated by a new stainless steel exhaust system and, thanks to a new coilover kit, can crouch a little closer to the asphalt. The tuning outline is garnished with a high-performance brake system (eight-piston calipers, 400 millimeter brake discs) and a front spoiler lip.


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