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Cut-off devices: No tightening of the directive

Cut-off devices
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W ie the mirror reported, EU Industry Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska rejected the new proposals made by Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) in the discussion about excessively high emissions from diesel cars. The existing regulations on exhaust gas cleaning are clear enough and only need to be properly enforced. Dobrindt had called for the relevant EU regulation to be made clearer - it leaves manufacturers too much leeway for interpretation.

Applicable directive only needs to be implemented consistently

According to the currently applicable regulation, exhaust gas cleaning is allowed do not generally switch off outside of exhaust gas measurements - as was the case in the exhaust gas scandal. In certain driving situations, however, such a shutdown is permitted, for example because contamination can occur, which in the worst case could result in an engine failure. Dobrindt wanted to oblige the manufacturers to use the best possible exhaust gas cleaning technology.

Bienkowska countered Dobrindt's suggestions. She emphasized, according to Spiegel, 'the member states really have to implement the existing rules'. Apparently that happened too seldom in the past. For example, no competent test authority from any Member State has ever turned to the EU Commission to ask for help with alleged scope for interpretation of shutdown devices.


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