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Crazy car tuning: Trabant-TT, Über-Golf and V12-Fiat

Crazy car tuning
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B rider, deeper, stronger, more extravagant: polarized auto-tuning. Because it moves away from the mainstream and doesn't suit everyone's taste. But that is precisely why it is so popular. It is wonderful to enjoy, discuss, argue and blaspheme when the cart has been tattered. Especially when the tuners or hobbyists exceed the limits of what is feasible (or bearable). There are enough examples of crazy tuning.

VW Golf II in 2.5 seconds to 100 things

Markus Hegna from X-Parts has turned a VW Golf II into a sprint monster . Originally, the compact was powered by a 55 HP engine. Seven engines and 15 power levels later, a VR6 turbo hangs in the Golf, which mobilizes up to 1,092 hp with all kinds of pimp utensils. In 2.5 seconds he scoots 100 things, in 6.3 seconds to 200 km /h. We were spit away during the test. The Über-Golf only called 872 hp. You can read more in our ' AMS special Sportscars & Tuning “

Asgard Performance from Harsefeld in Lower Saxony turned a VW Golf R32 completely inside out a few years ago. 3.2-liter VR6: in the scrap press. Back seat: to the recycling yard. Instead, Asgard married the R32 with a 5.2-liter V10 - known from the Lamborghini Gallardo. There was support from CDC-Tuning and Siemoneit Racing.

The power extension in the pimped R32 is available in three levels: 500, 1,000 and - buckle up - 1,500 PS. With such power and its ultra-wide slippers that lap well over the fenders, the Asgard-Golf could probably drag a semi-trailer behind it.

Wedding between Subaru GL4 and VW Beetle

Not quite so brutal, but all the more pompous: the SLR McLaren from Swiss entrepreneur and designer Ueli Anliker. He dipped the sports car in a rich red and also packed it full of 600 rubies and five kilograms of gold. Installed net value of goods: over four million euros. The extravagant look of the SLR 999 Red Gold Dream does not leave anyone behind. With its oversized front spoiler, snow could also be shoveled - if that weren't so sinfully expensive.

There is never a lack of unusual ideas in the tuning scene. Fusion of a Subaru GL 4 and a VW Beetle? Two is Better. Leather on the hood? It's clear. W12 engine in the VW Fridolin small van? Running. Or a Toyota Camry with dragster ambitionsSheet? Why not! If only the US tuning company Galpin Auto Sports can put a fighter jet on four wheels. What is meant is a white Ford Mustang from 2010 with an ejection seat, 360-degree camera, joystick, indicator lights and numerous monitors in the interior. Every Airforce pilot feels at home there.

Skoda Yeti cooks sports cars

A completely different weapon: the Fiat 500 by Lazzarini Design with the 4.5 liter V8 of the Ferrari 458 Italia. So that it doesn't tear the little one to pieces, the power has been reduced a little. From 570 to 550 hp. Even crazier: the Fiat 500 from Gianfranco and Leonardo Dini. The two Italians transplanted a 6.2-liter V12 from the Lamborghini Murciélago into the small car. With its extra-wide fenders and thick slippers, the 580 hp Fiat 500 looks like a doped athlete on wheels.

In contrast, subtle: the Skoda Yeti from British companies John Danby Racing and “The TT Shop /TTS Roadsport '. But anyone who underestimates the Hochbeiner is making a big mistake. With a tuned 2.5-liter five-cylinder from the Audi TT RS and 517 hp, the Skoda Yeti cooks up many a sports car on the racetrack.

What else we have to offer: An old Trabant with that 1.8-liter four-cylinder from the Audi TT. A burned down and resurrected BMW 5 Series E28 or a golden rocket. And much more. In our picture gallery we show you various crazy tuning cars from the present and the past.


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