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Covestro study: plastic innovations for cars

Covestro study
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D he Covestro concept car in lifestyle look was developed together with the automotive supplier Hella and the Swedish Umeå Institute of Design.

The special features include all-round polycarbonate glazing. This should save weight and offer aerodynamic advantages thanks to the optimal fitting. Transparent A-pillars increase clarity. In addition, the plastic offers completely new design options that would not be possible with glass.

The study also relies on light as a design element. The vehicle can be customized with luminous surfaces and integrated LED spotlights. These areas in the front and rear areas can also ensure more safety, energy efficiency and functionality. The lighting solutions based on holographic foils, jointly developed by Hella and Covestro, are also new. This allows various lighting functions to be integrated into body parts that require little space and open up completely new possibilities for using light as a design element.

The new polycarbonate materials that are used for the body should also be a good one The transmission of LiDAR signals and the homogeneous integration of sensors enable, which in turn supports autonomous driving technologies. Integrated displays in body parts enable direct communication from car to car or from car to passers-by.

But innovations are also being planned in the cockpit. Displays and control panels are protected in the study with scratch-resistant, glare-free films. These also enable new lighting effects and the integration of functions in the dashboard.


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