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Costs and real consumption: VW T6.1 Multivan 2.0 TDI Cruise

Costs and real consumption
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E s There is hardly a car that has found so many friends, both as a commercial vehicle and as a civilian version, as the bus from Volkswagen. The current T6.1 uses the predecessor T5 as a basis and will be the longest-produced representative of its guild from August 2020. Then it exceeds the construction time of the T1 (208 months from 1950 to 1967).

The car we tested is the Multivan in the 'Cruise' version, which is available from 59,898 euros. Our test car with the 199 hp 2.0 TDI, front-wheel drive and seven-speed dual clutch transmission costs at least 67,270 euros. With this price level, the VW ranks just below a comparable Mercedes V-Class and well above an Opel Zafira Life Tourer.

Our test consumption

70% of the test consumption is made up of the commuter round, and 15% each of eco and sport.

In the WLTP cycle, the average consumption of the large diesel T6.1 is 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers. That would be fuel costs of 10.07 euros for the specified route. The combined test consumption of auto motor und sport is 9.4 liters, however, more than a liter higher - so it would be 11.55 euros for a distance of 100 kilometers. In eco mode, consumption drops to 6.9 liters, with a sporty driving style it increases to 10.8 liters.

Monthly maintenance costs

The price you pay for 100 kilometers at the In the case of the VW T6.1 Multivan, it fluctuates between 8.48 euros (Eco) and 12.90 euros (Sport). What does not fluctuate are of course the fixed costs. The total for the vehicle tax is 430 euros per year, the liability insurance is 466 euros. Anyone who drives 15,000 kilometers per year must expect monthly costs of 314 euros (excluding the loss of value). At30,000 kilometers of annual mileage, the amount climbs to 533 euros. A partially comprehensive insurance also costs you 212 euros per year, for fully comprehensive insurance you have to pay 623 euros.

The basic price of the VW T6.1 Multivan 2.0 TDI' Cruise 'is 59,898 euros.

This is how testing is done

The auto motor und sport test consumption consists of three differently weighted consumption trips. 70 percent is what is known as “commuter consumption” (here: 9.7 liters). This is a journey from home to work, which measures an average of 21 kilometers. A particularly economical 275-kilometer eco-lap is included in the evaluation with 15 percent (here: 6.9 liters). The remaining 15 percent is accounted for by the sports driver lap (here: 10.5 liters). The length is roughly the same as the eco-lap, but the route guidance contains a larger proportion of the motorway and therefore higher average speeds. The basis for calculating the fuel costs is always the price quoted by the portal “more refueling” from the day the item was created.

The monthly maintenance costs include maintenance, wear part costs and vehicle taxes for an assumed annual mileage of 15,000 and 30,000 kilometers /without loss of value. The calculation is based on test consumption, a three-year holding period, no-claims class SF12 for liability and fully comprehensive insurance with Allianz, including discounts for garage parkers and the restriction to certain drivers (not under 21). SF12 means a discount rate of 34 percent for liability and 28 percent for fully comprehensive insurance at Allianz.


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