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Cost comparison of all gas-powered vehicles

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T at half the price - prospects that motorists in Let the flocks migrate towards the gas drive. Ten years ago not even 4,000 gas cars were registered in Germany. By the end of 2009, rising fuel prices had increased their number almost a hundredfold.

LPG has established itself

In order not to leave the business to the retrofitters alone, more and more car manufacturers are adding corresponding variants to their range. There are 43 LPG variants compared to just ten for natural gas. No wonder, since LPG has established itself as a favorite because of the more compact tanks and the significantly denser network of filling stations.

Especially in other European countries, the incomplete CNG supply limits the use of natural gas vehicles. Individual models such as Ford Focus or Opel Zafira are optionally available in an LPG or CNG version. But these are exceptions, usually the vehicle selection is limited by the preferred type of gas. The additional costs for a Dodge Journey 2.4 already retracted after 17,000 kilometers while a VW Golf 1.6 Bi-Fuel required 71,000 kilometers for this. When comparing costs, however, it should be noted that the mileage data for the LPG models refer to the total mileage.

At Chevrolet there is the LPG system free of charge

In the case of the CNG models, however, different insurance ratings for the gas and petrol variant make the calculation more difficult. Therefore, the kilometers indicated in the natural gas table are annual mileage. An Opel Combo 1.6 CNG is only worthwhile after a good 28,000 kilometers per year. Only Chevrolet fans can leave the calculator in the drawer. Since the Koreans are currently adding the LPG system free of charge when buying a new car, savings can be made from the first kilometer.


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