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Corvette Grand Sport at the Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show 2020
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V8 engine in the Corvette Grand Sport remains at 466 hp

N after the C2 and later the C4 and the C6, the Corvette C7 is now also available as a Grand Sport version. While the 466 hp 6.2-liter V8 remained untouched, Chevrolet retrofitted properly for the racetrack credentials. The chassis was adjusted, the cooling system improved and a limited slip differential and an aero package installed. This consists of special inserts in the front fenders, a Z06 grille and the clearly flared rear fenders in which Michelin tires are housed.

When it comes to cornering, 1.05 g should have an effect on the racing driver - even that optional Z07 package on board, it is 1.2 g. This package includes a carbon ceramic brake system, Michelin sports tires and a larger aero kit with adjustable chassis.

The Corvette Grand Sport will be available in Europe as a convertible and a coupé from September 2016 - The company did not name prices.


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