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Corona: Can the mask be placed on the rear-view mirror in the car?

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L let's eat the global components of the Virus pandemic aside and look into the mundane everyday corona. For months, he has prescribed the wearing of a face mask when shopping, on public transport and in many areas of public life. For drivers this means: the mask must always be with them. Because you drive your car to go shopping quite often. So much for theory. In practice, the question arises very quickly: What to do with the mask when you are back in the car after visiting the supermarket? Stupid question, do you think? I do not find. Because: It should dry as quickly as possible, if only because of its reusability.

Inside mirror? Popular, but suboptimal!

That's why 'stuffing it in your pocket' is not an option. Just on the dashboard? Not very practical because the thing is then reflected in the window and slides through the area in every curve. Hang casually over the inside mirror? This has now established itself as a widespread solution. But it is not without risk. In principle, it is not forbidden to hang the everyday mask on the rearview mirror. Frank Mauelshagen, motor vehicle expert at ERGO insurance, however, points out that 'the driver's field of vision must always remain clear! The mouth and nose covers are usually much larger than, for example, a scent tree and can therefore severely impair the view dangling back and forth while driving can impair the driver's attention. Anyone who constantly perceives movement at the edge of one's field of vision will get used to it. This leads to the fact that motorists, for example, only notice movements of other road users such as pedestrians or cyclists very late. In the worst case, there will be an accident! '. So a place in the passenger seat after all? Also impractical because it then also flies through the car. So glove box or the compartment under the center armrest? When thinking about the clutter that actually has its place there, I get a hectic hygiene rash. Only a small plastic bag can help. By the way, no real help is to be expected from the official side. Only the announcement is documented that an Mouth and nose protection must not be worn in the car unless you can see the faces of the passengers under theDetect mask.

Slawomir Niewrzol
You have to like it: The dirty place in the cup holder.

Nothing to retrofit

Even a look at the usual odds and ends online shops has so far been unsuccessful. No retrofit ticks for safely stowing the corona mask, no well-intentioned life hack. But maybe my makeshift solution will help you: Clamped over the corner of the passenger sun visor, the mouth and nose protection hangs nice and airy, is not directly in the field of vision, dries quickly and is always close at hand. However, it only works as long as there is no co-driver sitting with the thing dangling in front of his face. But so far the most practicable solution for me.


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