Cops Trapped in Tesla - Slapstik Arrest

Controlling a cyclist became a bizarre operation for the police in Basel. The reason: The police Tesla held the police officers captive.

The Basel police have had seven Tesla Model X 100Ds in action since 2018/2019, now two police officers and a Tesla caused a stir, according to the Basler Zeitung and the online platform Prime News.

Vehicle door blocked, cyclist makes fun

According to the mission log, the two officers wanted to check two cyclists in downtown Basel. One dutifully stopped, the second fled. The police officers then tried to get out of their electric car: "However, this failed because the vehicle door was blocked," says the operation report. The person on the bike noticed that and subsequently made fun of the prisoners. The "fugitive" drove in front of them at walking pace and the officials were unable to stop him.

Finally, the cyclist even went on a collision course and drove into the 525 hp Tesla - then fled on foot. Despite their unfortunate situation, an officer managed to drive through the open window and grab the fugitive by the nape of the neck and finally stop him. While the other police officer had to squeeze through the rear double doors, which opened about 60 centimeters, the driver finally had to climb through the window.

By the way: The cyclist from Germany was known to the police and was carrying drugs.

Tesla works - Nissan Leaf as a replacement

A police spokesman explained that the technical problem was potentially life-threatening for the officers, but an emergency opening using a cable pull is possible at any time while driving. So far, no case is known in which the patrol car crew could not get out of their vehicle. One is very satisfied with the type of vehicle. Since the beginning of 2021, however, Nissan Leaf models have been purchased.

,In the slideshow we show you what the facelift of the Tesla Model X looks like.


Two police officers in Basel wanted to check a cyclist, but the doors of their Tesla Model X were blocked. The cyclist took advantage of the situation and not only fled, he also taunted the officers, who were finally able to grab him by the yoke through the window. The two could also have opened the doors via an emergency opening, according to the police, they had been trained for this. Basically, the police are satisfied with the Tesla Model X as a patrol car - but now they prefer to buy the Nissan Leaf.


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