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Cooperation between Daimler and Renault / Nissan: engine replacement and small car development

Cooperation between Daimler and Renault /Nissan
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Smart and Twingo off 2013 with a common platform

Among other things, the cooperation provides for the next generation of the Smart Fortwo, a new Smart four-seater and the next Renault Twingo to be developed on a common architecture. As auto-motor-und-sport.de already reported, the market launch date for the models is planned for 2013.

Electric drive from market launch

In the Smart factory in Hambach, the agreement should be the two-seater models are manufactured in Renault's Novo Mesto plant in Slovenia and the four-seater models roll off the production line. All models should also be available with electric drive from 2013 onwards.

Three- and four-cylinder for Mercedes

The powertrain area is another point of cooperation: Renault /Nissan and Daimler agree to jointly use the fuel-efficient diesel and gasoline engines . accordingly Daimler receives the three- and four-cylinder engines from Renault /Nissan, which are modified by Mercedes. According to the company, the advantage of this agreement should lie on both sides: 'Daimler can use engines from the Renault-Nissan alliance and thus tap additional sales potential for its next generation of premium compact cars.

Joint development of new engines

Furthermore, both partners want gasoline. and jointly develop diesel gensets. 'The decisions on the corresponding production plants for the jointly developed new engines are still open and will be made at a later date,' says the joint notification.

Infiniti receives Daimler drives

In addition, Daimler will supply gasoline and diesel engines (four and six-cylinder) to the Nissan subsidiary brand Infiniti. This should also lead to an improved utilization of manufacturing capacities.

K operation for light commercial vehicles

Another part of the agreement provides that Renault /Nissan and Daimler cooperate in the field of light commercial vehicles. It says: 'In this context, Mercedes-Benz Vans will be in its portfolio from 2012expand with a completely new entry-level model, which is intended for commercial use. The technical basis of this city delivery vehicle will come from Renault, the vehicle will be produced in the Renault factory in Maubeuge, France br>
According to the two cooperation partners, this includes a small diesel engine and transmission variants that Daimler will purchase from Renault-Nissan for the Mercedes-Benz Vito. This additional entry-level engine opens up additional sales potential for Mercedes-Benz Vans and enables improved capacity utilization at Renault.


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