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Consumer Report 2017: Tesla and 911 make you happy

Consumer Report 2017
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C According to its own statements, onsumer reports evaluates the in its annual customer satisfaction survey Data on half a million cars. The central question is simple and important: would you buy the same model again? Because, according to the US customer survey, those who would choose their car again see their expectations fully met. That makes the customer happy - and so does the manufacturer: Because he can sell the customer a car again.

Owners rate their car in six categories

In addition to the simple question, the car owners answer their car in six other categories: driving experience, comfort, value, design, audio and air conditioning functions. Customer Reports also tests the cars themselves and thus supplements the results of the survey according to their own information.


Prius makes you as happy as an MX-5

Most satisfied are the owners of the Tesla Model S , explains the US institute. Even those who receive a Porsche 911 or a Chevrolet Corvette drive, be very satisfied. Anyone might have guessed that a sports car makes you happy. But would you have known straight away whether owners of a Honda Odyssey or a Dodge Grand Caravan are more satisfied with their cars? Or that a Toyota Prius can make you almost as happy as a Mazda MX-5 ? You see, now you might be a little surprised and click your way through the readable comments in the Customer Report in the picture gallery.


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