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Connected car: digital exchange and online services

Connected car
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F or car fans with a great thirst for information, computer fairs will soon be a must. Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche revealed at the CES in Las Vegas in January that a new generation of vehicles was being developed that would serve as 'digital companions', while his Audi colleague Rupert Stadler saw the car of the future networked in the same place. ' with the environment, the traffic infrastructure and the world of the Internet '.

In fact, almost all manufacturers are currently working on an optimized WLAN standard that cars can use to contact each other to avoid accidents. The use cases of car-to-car communication are inexhaustible: If a car driver reaches the end of a traffic jam and has to brake hard, a warning message should appear in the cockpits of the following vehicles within fractions of a second. A_-headline v-A_-headline__article - beta '> Pedestrians should also be better protected

Cars whose ESP responds to slippery roads can also warn other vehicles in the vicinity. Since the traffic infrastructure is to be included in the networking, assistance systems are conceivable that sound the alarm if a car approaches a red traffic light too quickly or a motorway entrance in the wrong direction.

Pedestrians should also be better protected: With a transponder that is built into clothing, school satchels or cell phones, it is even possible to locate passers-by stepping onto the road between parked cars. The first cross-manufacturer field tests are currently underway for car-to-car communication, but series production is not expected before 2015.

However, many cars are already fully networked. The infotainment systems of current luxury vehicles from Audi, BMW or Mercedes have long been offering Internet access that can be used to access news and weather portals, web radio stations or social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the car phone can be converted into a WLAN hotspot with its high-reception external antennas, so that passengers can easily surf the Internet via laptop or tablet PC while driving.

Construction sites and petrol prices along the route

However, digital data exchange will not remain a privilege for expensive models: For example, the Touch & Go multimedia radio for the Toyota Yaris can be linked viaExtend mobile phones with online functions. The VW Golf VII, which will be released at the end of the year, will also have a new infotainment system with extensive Internet services.

However, future applications will depend on the spread of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) cellular standard. If the currently introduced LTE with its bandwidth of 50 Mbit /s can be received across the board, entire navigation maps can be saved on the central computer and downloaded before each journey - including the latest construction sites or the fuel prices along the route.


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