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Compact SUVs and small off-roaders: New compact SUVs by 2015

Christian Schulte
Compact SUVs and small off-roaders
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D this time Opel is ahead of the game: with the new Mokka, an SUV based on the Opel Corsa, the Rüsselsheim-based company will be the first in the segment below the Tiguan, BMW X1 and Co. Because there is a lot to be had there. While off-roaders in the so-called C-segment are now offered by almost every manufacturer and the competition is constantly increasing despite steadily increasing sales figures, the underlying B-segment class is currently still wasteland in terms of SUVs.

Compact SUVs are Coming soon

That will change soon, because not only the Opel Mokka is in the starting blocks. In the rest of Europe, the 4.13-meter-long Nissan Juke is already very successful, even if things have been rather sluggish for Nissan's mini-SUV in Germany. The Juke is being discussed as the basis for two other mini-SUVs: it could lend a smart SUV the platform, after all, Renault-Nissan recently did business with Mercedes with the Citano minivan based on Kangoo. The Renault Capture will definitely be built, also based on the Juke platform.

There are also other fresh tones for the small class from France: Peugeot has presented a concept car in China that will be called Peugeot later this year 2008 premiere in Europe. It will probably take another year at Ford: the Ecosport, which is based on the Fiesta platform, is to come to Europe as a world car, and Ford has already presented in India.

Ford Ecosport and Suzuki XA Alpha

Another mini-SUV saw the light of day there: the Suzuki XA Alpha is considered the successor to the aged Jimny. Suzuki and Fiat will go their separate ways in the future, the joint Sedici /SX4 project is running out. The Italians are replacing the Sedici with a fluffed version of the Fiat 500 in XL format similar to the Mini Countryman - which is consequently also called the Fiat 500X. And because platform parts are particularly trendy at the moment, the Fiat 500X will in future have a sibling from its own house: Jeep will be placing a compact SUV below the Compass at the end of 2014.

In our picture gallery we show you all the new B and C-segment SUVs that await us in the near future.


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