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Comment on illegal street races in Germany

Comment on illegal street races
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E Far be it from me to get the moral apostle out of here, if only because one should refrain from doing so if, as a convicted speed sinner, one is only just rehabilitating oneself among the traveling people. But from time to time things happen on our streets, you can only shake your head. Or to put it more precisely: It makes you bile - especially if you are not a saint yourself.

The tragedy: innocent people are always hit

It happens at night in German cities. A red traffic light, two cars next to each other, a bit of a gas game on both sides, one glance gives the other - green. Everyone knows it, has experienced it before, participated in it, it doesn't matter. And of course this is ridiculous, pubescent and many other things, but not yet a terrorist attack on national road safety.

More and more often, however, it is - quite obviously - not only the limit of reason, but also that of the healthy Exceeded common sense, so that dubious fun turns into bitter seriousness and ultimately into completely illegal street races. The tragic thing about it: If things go wrong - and it inevitably becomes when brain-burned people speed through city centers at well beyond 100 km /h, without regard for right of way or life - then innocent people are always caught as well.

Dramatic proportions

In Cologne alone, speeders killed three people last year: a taxi passenger and two cyclists, all of them unsuspecting and just because they been in the wrong place at the wrong time; In Bremen a woman driver died because she avoided a race and hit a tree. Another case comes from Berlin: On the night of February 1st, another bystander was involved in a duel between two idiots (the term 'racing driver' is forbidden in this context) while he was crossing an intersection near GrĂ¼n. His jeep collided with the Audi of the 26-year-old razor, was thrown through the air and reportedly landed meters further on a sidewalk - the driver succumbed to the injuries at the scene of the accident.

You may have seen the shocking images : the completely tattered A6, a shoe in the middle of the rubble, in the background the illuminated Memorial Church, which, in view of so much thoughtlessness, seems ironic in a difficult to digest way. The question I ask myself: What is going on in people like that, and why is the horse going through with them? We all like to drive fast, but it doesRules apply - traffic rules. Those who ignore them have to live with the consequences.

Legislators must react

But besides these rules there are there is also a law. Our law. And that means: The preference for speed must never endanger others - because in the end you cannot live with the consequences that arise from it.

Furthermore, there is no need to drive yourself and your car on the road to act out. Because there are training grounds, race tracks, and they are neither reserved for professionals nor for cars of special performance classes. If you want to drift, you are allowed to do it there, you are even taught how to do it, on track days you can go to the limit for relatively little money and get a feel for the real racing that has nothing, nothing to do with dull, straight-ahead pounding - no matter where.

In addition, the legislature must react. The offense of the road race is currently punished with a fine and a month's driving ban - not much different from my 141 km /h midnight in the 100 zone at the Darmstadt triangle, which I don't want to gloss over here. Yes, in the case of extremely difficult courses such as in Cologne, Bremen and Berlin, there are also criminal consequences. Nonetheless, someone who goes overboard in such a way and neglects any consideration should never get behind the wheel again.


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