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CO2 limit values ​​from 2020: Daimler boss Zetsche believes in compromise

CO2 limit values ​​from 2020
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Daimler spends around € 5 billion on CO2 reduction

Zetsche assumes that they will probably agree on multiple counting of e- and hybrid cars on the fleet consumption. Another alternative scenario would be an exemption for larger and heavier cars, which would have to meet the limit values ​​a few years later.

I as part of a panel discussion' Meeting Point Foyer 'organized by the' Stuttgarter Nachrichten ' in the Stuttgart Liederhalle on the evening of October 14th with EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, Zetsche called for 'an end to the carpet trade' when setting such limit values, which are no longer set by politics alone, but together with the auto industry would have to be. Mercedes stands by its responsibility for the environment: 'Of the 10.8 billion euros that we will be spending on research and development over the next few years, we will dedicate 50 percent to reducing CO2,' said the Daimler CEO.

Securing jobs in all of Europe

EU Commissioner Oettinger admitted that the struggle to lash down According to the new emissions guidelines, 'tough industrial location policy is being made' by the French, Italians and the German Chancellor. 'It is about maintaining jobs in Europe as a whole,' said Oettinger.

Even Zetsche expressed understanding for the negotiating tactics of the French and Italian car groups, which are more focused on small and compact cars, are financially less financially strong than the German premium brands and have problems getting enough units in their home market not to mention export. 'A decline in the French auto industry cannot be in the spirit of Mr. Zetsche,' added Oettinger. 'After all, a Mercedes also contains up to 10% of French suppliers - from tires to windows.'

The Chancellor has only one shot free

Oettinger can understand that Chancellor Angela Merkel is so vehemently committed to the interests of the German auto industry in Brussels. 'But,' said the EU Commissioner, 'you can't do that much lobbying in this position every day, but at most every jubilee year - the Chancellor only has oneFree shot. '


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