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Cloud-based map services: sensor networking for real-time data

Cloud-based map services
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A on basis With the real-time data from sensors of networked vehicles, the Open Location Platform developed by Here can create a live image of the road environment. The new real-time services use the swarm intelligence of vehicle fleets for this purpose. At the beginning, Here will obtain the data from networked vehicles of the partners of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Other car brands will join later.

The new services are intended to increase safety and comfort.

Vehicles report real-time data

Taken from the Vehicles, data on speed, direction of travel and position of a vehicle, sharp braking, characterized by a sharp decrease in speed, construction sites, road and lane closures as well as traffic accidents that are recorded by the vehicle cameras, dangerous road or weather conditions, determined by, for example, rain sensors, ver strengthens the use of windshield wipers, low tire grip and the use of fog lights and hazard warning lights, traffic sign information and speed limits (both permanent and temporary) that are recorded by the vehicle's front camera. Data protection should be fully preserved.

Real-time traffic information, near-real-time information about possible dangers, near-real-time information about traffic signs and information about the current parking situation are derived from this. These services are to be offered from mid-2017.


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