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Cleverly combined: 5 youngtimer station wagons in everyday life

Arturo Rivas
5 classic cars in everyday life
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V above all Mercedes and Volvo rely on the station wagon -Alternative without the stigma of commercial vehicles - stylish and comfortable leisure gliders for mountain bikers, antique collectors or hobby gardeners. Five cult five-door models with a big hatch invite you to have fun, so that everyday life is not so gray.

Five automotive character actors with their owners in everyday life

We have five youngtimer drivers with their practical ones Station wagons are part of everyday life Here you can read more about Citroën CX, Ford Granada, Mercedes 124 T-Model, Volvo 740 station wagon and BMW 5 Series Touring.

  1. Francophile cineast Marc Hug drives a car like something from late Truffaut films. His Citroën CX 25 TRD Turbo 2 Break embodies savoir vivre like no other.
  2. The creative free spirit Ulf Schlotterbeck finds the Ford Granada Tournament 2.8i so wonderfully decadent.
  3. Michael Orth wants the lifestyle V70 to go with the timeless and indestructible Mercedes 230 TE change. Does he dare?
  4. Michael Koenig likes it green. His Volvo 740 lasts forever, conserves resources.
  5. Jan Fleischer likes power station wagons. His BMW 540i is as strong as an M1.


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