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Classic Days Schloss Dyck: Full throttle through Schlossallee

Frank Herzog
Classic Days Schloss Dyck
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D he long start straight along the Miscanthus field down to the Dycker Weinhaus measures a good 600 meters, then it goes sharply right in front of the Weinhaus. Right again, now the course meanders along a couple of residential buildings before it goes on to another 300 meter straight straight to a residential area. Past enthusiastic residents who declare their neighborhood to be Little Monte Carlo for a weekend, one last narrow corner to the right and back through a beautiful avenue towards the castle.

100 classic racing cars at the start - from Alfa P3 to Porsche 936

Well, the almost three-kilometer circuit in front of the castle is not exactly the Isle of Man, but it is still a lot of fun for the drivers and gives them ample opportunity to demonstrate to the more than 39,000 spectators what their racing classics can do. Around 100 classic racing cars were at the start in 2010, including plenty of silverware from the various works museums. It starts with A for Alfa Romeo, who came to the 100th anniversary with one of the legendary P3s as well as the Tipo 33 Stradale, a 6C 3000 and an Alfetta. Audi brought among other things two Silver Arrows from the thirties, namely the Type A and the Type D double compressor, as well as various quattro. Christian Geistdörfer moved the Type D in a manner that was appropriate to the species, then the ex-rally world champion climbed into a Trans-Am-Quattro and wowed the spectators with briefly whistling tires after every shift Eifelrennen their entire range of super sports cars, from the Simplex to the SSK and the Uhlenhaut Coupé to the CLK-GTR and the current AMG-SLR. To ensure that everything is properly moved, Mercedes had brought drivers Hans Herrmann, Jochen Mass, Dieter Glemser and Roland Asch with them, plus museum director Michael Bock at the SSK hurried around the triangular course with a screeching compressor.

Klaus Bischof, his Colleague from neighboring Zuffenhausen had conjured up a Porsche 917 in Gulf livery, a 908/3 and a 936 from the van and hired TV chef Horst Lichter to drive the 600 hp 936. Before the start he refrained from settling his affairs in his will and came back shaken and touched: 'Simply sensational!'

Jockel Winckelhock with rocket drive

For Opel, Jockel Winkelhock was in the rocket car the route, which, however, is for protectionof all those involved is now powered by a conventional V8 engine. 'I would be far too scared with a real rocket engine,' says the Swabian, who, like his other racing colleagues, diligently signed autographs between runs. 'I like to do that, we owe it to the people,' says the 49-year-old.

In addition to the museum cars, there were numerous other highlights, such as a Steinmetz Opel, as well as racing silver from Borgward and Veritas. And of course the many motorcycle and sidecar drivers who raged around the triangle course so enthusiastically that not a single eye remained dry. And for those who didn't have enough of it in the evening, there was a veritable acceleration duel over the quarter mile on the starting straight, in which Bentley was preferred to Mercedes and Thomas Kern in the 300 hp SSKL most impressively set himself apart from his competitor.

In spite of all the motorsport ambition, the driver drove responsibly, in other words, the drivers accelerated where it was possible without any problems - on the start straight, for example - and held back wisely in the sensitive spectator areas and in the residential area and preferred to wave vigorously. As Max Werner from RM Auctions put it so beautifully: 'If you win any race, people might talk about it for an hour - if you throw away a car, they'll talk about it in two years.' Only one Alfa Bertone team did not know how to behave and ended up in a bale of straw, for which the assembled Alfisti would have preferred to stretch their ears and knot them over their heads.


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