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Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2012: Racing Legends

Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2012
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D if something like this still exists today: One can small group of motorists in the association for the rescue of an old castle block a few country roads in the Rhineland, strategically placed around 600 bales of straw and calls for demo and regularity runs on a 2.8 kilometer triangular course.

Hans Herrmann, Jochen Mass and David Piper show how it's done

The route is not without it: From the start there is a long straight down to Dycker Weinhau s, sharp right there, then very sharp right, then a gentle winding and between orchards, then through a residential area where all the residents are celebrating a barbecue, sharp right onto the long sycamore avenue, again hard gas, again right and back to start-finish.

Drivers like Hans Herrmann, Jochen Mass or David Piper show how to drive correctly here: They accelerate where it is safe and hold back where cockiness is dangerous can be. The private drivers imitate the pros and also try to deliver lap times that are as uniform as possible. Those who can do it best will receive the Graf Berghe von Trips trophy at the end.

Classic Days paddock without barriers

If the famous drivers are not behind the wheel, they are happy to give There are no closed areas in the paddock to sign autographs or chat with visitors. The cars can also be inspected up close, which is what makes the Classic Days so unique.

Starter groups of the Classic Days Schloss Dyck Racing Legends

Group I

  • Classic vehicles built from 1910 to 1925
  • Historic vehicles built from 1926 to 1949
  • Modern vehicles built from 1950 to 1961
  • Special class milestones of the 'compressor era' built between 1920 and 1965
Group II

  • Historic Grand Prix Cars vehicles /monoposto Years of construction 1930 to 1958
  • Monoposto Class I up to 1961
  • Monoposto Class II years of construction 1962 to 1977
Group III

  • Motorcycles built up to 1929
  • Motorcycles built from 1930 to 1945
  • Carriages up to 1965


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