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Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2012: Jewels in the Park

Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2012
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S instead of horsepower and trophies like the triangle course is about at the Concours d'Elegance on the Orangery Peninsula for completely different values: the focus is on the beauty of the body, the uniqueness of a design, the originality and the patina; the boundary between automobile construction and art is certainly fluid here.

The most exciting and beautiful automobiles of all time

The organizer specifically invites individual pieces from the coachbuilding era to the exclusive concours of the highest FIVA category in which only 40 vehicles are allowed to participate. The coachbuilding era mainly includes the twenties and thirties of the last century, when it was common for the wealthy to only order the chassis from a car manufacturer and then to hire one of the famous bodywork cutters such as Erdmann & Rossi or Figoni et Falaschi.

This resulted in perhaps the most exciting and beautiful automobiles of all time, and one or the other representative from this era will again be seen on the manicured lawns of the peninsula this year. These gems then compete with some even older vehicles from the early days of the automobile as well as with much younger models, after all, beauty in body construction is not necessarily a function of age.

A jury that is as strict as it is competent

These automotive works of art are then inspected by an equally high-caliber jury, the in the evening, after mostly long discussions, the prizes were distributed In the evaluation, not only the body shape plays a role, but also the quality of the restoration - or the patina. After all, at Schloss Dyck, authenticity was recognized right from the start, in addition to the gems, long before the topic became widely known.

Concours d'Elegance Classic Days Schloss Dyck 'Jewels in the Park'

Participation classes FIVA-A-Concours Jewels in the Park *

  • Class A automobiles of the early 'Ancetre' up to 1904
  • Class B veterans vehicles 'Veteran' 1905 to 1918
  • Class C automobiles of the 'Vintage' era 1919 to 1930
  • Class D automobiles of the 'Post Vintage' era 1931 to 1945
  • Class E Departure into a new mobility 'Post War' 1946 to 1960
  • Class F years of theInternationality + fashion 1961 to 1970
  • Class G The young history 1971 to 1980
Special prizes + special cups from the organizer

Audience award 'Coupé Chopard', design awards 'Unique Ones', 'Sports Origin', 'Elegant Grand Touring', 'Luxury of the Thirties', 'Strada + Corsa', 'International Award', 'Bugatti Trophy', ' Award Alfa Romeo ',' Award Mercedes-Benz ',' French Construction ',' Pinin Farina Style ',' Innovation in Construction '


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