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Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2012: Hustle and bustle

Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2012
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W he has never attended the Classic Days, but still knows the typical photos of the event: racing cars darting through an avenue, the trees of which are decorated in a checkered flag design, and captivatingly beautiful automobile treasures that rest and are admired on the well-tended lawn. In addition, there are plenty of other items on the program that will make a visit to Schloss Dyck unforgettable.

'Charme + Style', ' Nostalgic Journey 'and' Lovely Heroes '

There would be' Charme + Style ', a contemporary picnic on the black walnut meadow in the park with a view of the south wing. 20 classics, including crews dressed in proper style, enjoy a journey through time to the sound of a gramophone.

Not far away, under the motto 'Nostalgic Journey', there is a small campsite with old caravans and mobile homes, reminiscent of the wanderlust of days gone by - It is a matter of honor that the owners spend the night in their vehicles every three days of the event. The 'Lovely Heroes', the small cars with which motorization picked up speed again after the war, also date from the time of the economic miracle.

New area: Cherry Lane

New this year is the expansion of the event area by a further 8500 square meters: the 'Cherry Lane'. Connected to the meadows in front of the castle by a pedestrian bridge over the racetrack, a large orchard with more than 170 cherry trees opens up to the visitor. Historic racing vans and service vehicles come together here, and there are mini cars for the younger generation. And if you still need contemporary clothing or an old gramophone, you will find it in the 'Classic Market', a large sales tent. Have a look, it's worth it.


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